fevereiro 24, 2005


MSF for Agile Software Development

Está disponível versão beta do guia de desenvolvimento ágil que acompanhará o Visual Studio. Conforme descrito no site, MSF for Agile Software Development é um processo orientado a cenários que encorpora práticas desenvolvidas na Microsoft.

fevereiro 15, 2005


TDD e software embutido

Este artigo de James Grenning considera as peculiaridades da aplicação do Test Driven Development (TDD) no desenvolvimento de software embutido.

fevereiro 03, 2005


Declaration of Interdependence

Foi divulgado no fórum Agile Management (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/agilemanagement/) o surgimento de um novo movimento ligado aos processos ágeis. De forma semelhante a da reunião de criação do Manifesto pelo Desenvolvimento Ágil, agora diversos dos gurus do desenvolvimento de software se reuniram para tratar da gerência de projetos "ágil e adaptável".

Segue mensagem...

From: "David J Anderson"
Date: Thu Feb 3, 2005 3:21 am
Subject: Declaration of Interdependence

This past 3 days I've been hosting a group of authors and contributors
to the agile management community to discuss the formation of a new
organization to promote agile and adaptive techniques in the project
management field. We came together because we each felt that the
current traditional project management guidance is underserving the
market in many fields such as software development. Below is the
groups declaration which is a rallying cry to form a new organization
to promote a new paradigm for project management.

Until the new organization is formed (at the next meeting in April),
you won't be able to join. Until then the groups website (see below)
and Sanjiv Augustine's Agile Project Management Yahoo! group will
serve as the home for the organization. I would encourage you to sign
the declaration when it is available on the website.

Here is what Sanjiv wrote on his one group to officially announce the
declartion and the forthcoming agile-adaptive management organization
(name to be finalized soon)...

Sanjiv Augustine wrote...

Similar to the Agile Manifesto meeting of 2001, a group of managers
from different project and product domains (including me, Jim
Highsmith, Alistair Cockburn, David Anderson and Todd Little from
the Agile community) came together recently to discover our common
ground with respect to Agile and Adaptive Management. Six core
values emerged from our collaboration. Together, they form what we
have named, "The Declaration of Interdependence" for

- We increase return on investment by making continuous flow of
value our focus.

- We deliver reliable results by engaging customers in frequent
interactions and shared ownership.

- We manage uncertainty through iterations, anticipation and

- We unleash creativity and innovation by recognizing that
individuals are the ultimate source of value, and creating an
environment where they can make a difference.

- We boost performance through group accountability for results and
shared responsibility for team effectiveness.

- We improve effectiveness and reliability through situationally
specific strategies, processes and practices.

©2005 David Anderson, Sanjiv Augustine, Christopher Avery,
Alistair Cockburn, Mike Cohn, Doug DeCarlo, Donna Fitzgerald, Jim
Highsmith, Ole Jepsen, Lowell Lindstrom, Todd Little, Kent MacDonald,
Polyanna Pixton, Preston Smith and Robert Wysocki

There was a tremendous level of consensus and closure on the
Declaration. However, the name Agile-Adaptive has not been
finalized, though it is the name we have for this management
paradigm right now. An organization to support and help propagate
it will be formed shortly. To invite your ideas and enlist your
immediate participation, we are providing two venues:

1. This group will serve as an open forum for all ideas, insights
and discussion regarding Agile-Adaptive Management. All of you are
invited to join in, contribute and help steer. Going forward, the
co-authors of the Declaration are committing to be available on this
group to answer your questions and engage in direct discussion.

2. The website http://www.agileprojectmgt.com will serve as the
primary website for the forthcoming organization. Multiple services
are being planned to support the larger community of managers (i.e.,
you) in applying these values on your projects.

I look forward to your questions, comments and discussion!

Sanjiv Augustine

Director of Technology, CC Pace http://www.ccpace.com
Author, Managing Agile Projects, Prentice Hall 2005
Moderator, Agile Project Management Discussion Group
Co-author, Declaration of Interdependence for Agile-Adaptive Management©

fevereiro 02, 2005


Webinar Series archive

Esta página disponibiliza seminários WEB que foram realizados com gurus do mundo do desenvolvimento ágil.