janeiro 18, 2005


O que é XP?

Lendo um novo artigo do Ron Jeffries, Practice: That's What We Do , me deparei com um trecho bem interessante, no qual ele descreve como ele entende o que é XP. Entre outras coisas, ele diz: "(...) XP não é o tipo de coisa que se possa fazer ou deixar de fazer(...). Para mim, XP é uma série de noções (notions) que guiam minhas ações. (...)".
Segue abaixo todo trecho ao qual me refiro:

Just Do It
There has been a long period in XP where the discussion has been around what you have to do to "be XP". Early on, I thought, and others of us thought, that you had to do all the practices to be doing XP. For the past three or four years, though, I've been saying that there is no meaning to the phrase "doing XP". XP is not the kind of a thing that can be done or not done. XP is an understanding that one has, to some extent.

There's a commonality to the understanding that is XP: many of us think of ourselves as "doing XP", or being members of the "XP community". We can talk to each other, and often we can even communicate. And yet each individual's understanding of what XP "is" is different. I believe that is as it should be.

To me, XP is a set of notions that inform my actions. Those notions have been learned, primarily through doing, primarily through making mistakes and being corrected. As I do things, as I make mistakes, and get corrected by other objects in the universe, I learn how to understand situations and how to choose actions that are likely to give me the outcomes that I want. I believe that to a fairly large extent, I "have" XP; I've got it; I get it; I grok it.

Unfortunately, of course, to a fairly large extent, I still don't have it. That leads me to say and do things which are deplorably stupid. The good news is that these are usually opportunities to learn, because the universe has ways of letting me know when I screw up. (I call some of these ways "friends". Others of them just seem like things that happen.)

All this is just to say that when it comes down to functioning in the world, we learn by doing. Reading, listening, thinking ... these can give us ideas. But it's turning the idea into action that counts.